What’s This Classroom All About?

Teachers, are you freaking out about the 35 kids in your classroom? Their 35 different needs? How are you supposed to reach the newcomer, the advanced learner, the fidgety student, and everyone in-between at the same time?!!!

Lower Those Class Sizes – Please?

It’s backwards, ineffective, and inhumane for our educational policies to not enforce appropriate class sizes.

However, we still need to keep teaching the students in front of us. So, until educational policy-makers get behind the research and common sense practice of LOWER class-sizes, here are some systems, routines, strategies, and tools you can implement TODAY to reach every student, wherever they are at.

Let’s start with what DIFFERENTIATION means.

This is called the Differentiated Classroom after all!

Differentiation is…

…techniques that help teachers to help students learn what they need to know and, in general, develop students’ ability to learn through different means.

-Debora Blaz, ” Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for World Language Teachers”

The KEY is in the systems, routines, strategies, and tools you implement in the classroom.

In essence, we need to reach students wherever they are at, and help them learn through MANY different ways. It sounds overwhelming at first, and I totally get it! However, this is where our creativity and expertise as teachers come in! Not only were we trained for this, we GOT INTO TEACHING for this!

Keep calm, and read on!

We will tell you everything you need to know about meeting EVERY learner right where they’re at, without you going insane! Remember, 35 kids? 35 different needs? WE’VE GOT THIS!

Here are Some Ways to Get Started!


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