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Meet Your Co-Teacher!

Miki Leckie is an English Language Teacher, dedicated to helping other teachers survive the classroom.

Miki in her classroom, freezing in the MN winter

As an ELL Teacher who co-taught with Montessori classrooms in multi-age classrooms, she has developed quick, easy-to-implement strategies to help ALL students, no matter where they’re at, to connect and learn in the lesson.

After mentoring many student teachers, teaching in the hallway during construction, teaching summer school for newcomer refugees in a one-room, Kindergarten-6th Grade classroom, caseloads of 10-140 students, coaching other teachers in AVID strategies, leading professional developments and speaking at teacher conferences, AAAAND implementing everything from Responsive Classroom to Backwards Design lesson-planning, she believed that the best way to teach like a BOSS is to COMBINE everything in a PRACTICAL, EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT way.

On a more personal note, Miki is the proud fur-momma to two babies: Momo and Snowshoe!

Momo loves to sit on Snowshoe! She’s not too pleased about it, but she takes it.

She also enjoys grinding coffee beans for her French press, pretending to be a wine and food connoisseur, traveling and helping other people travel through her travel agency, and following pop-Pilates workout videos and Zumba dance sessions.